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We are a group of experts who are successfully performing projects in the Swiss financial market, putting our experience and our know-how at the service of our customers. Modernization, optimization and the creation of transparency is our passion.


Our expertise in management consulting, project management, business and data analysis as well as the technical implementation of IT solutions enables us to efficiently drive the projects of our customers forward. We are equally familiar with legacy and modern technologies.


Our success stories include migrations of central business solutions, outsourcing of IT solutions, optimization of business processes, implementations in topics such as regulations, management reporting, ICS, payment transactions and data management.

Our Services

IT & Automation

  • AI Programming
  • Database Programming
  • ETL Programming
  • IT Business Analysis
  • IT Requirements Engineering

Data Services

  • Core Data Migration
  • Data Mining
  • Data Transformation
  • Web Data Extraction
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Quality Enhancement


  • Chatbots
  • LLM Integration
  • LLM Finetuning
  • Text Recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Anonymization


  • Management Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Project Risk Mgmt
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Design / BPO
Our Products
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AI Suite

    Decision driven and data driven data analytics, metric design, AI model design, training and execution combined as a service, built on Synergiser Data Layerâ„¢. 

synergiser product logo

Data Miner Suite

    A complete package that turns your raw data into clean and usable information, accessible through our integrated Synergiser Data Layerâ„¢.

    A software product that gives you total command over your processes and your internal control system, making for a more secure and efficient management of your business.

    A software product that meets the requirements of FINMA Circular 2017/1 "Corporate Governance - Banks" and ensures effective management of the bank's risk universe.

AI Discipline

Our AI service portfolio covers the planning, designing, implementing and running of AI models on the platform of your choice. Get the benefit of AIaaS.

Data Analytics

Providing complete, unique, consistent, accurate and valid data from internal and external sources for your conclusive management decisions.

Project Excellence

Dedicated to project work for decades, our references speak for themselves. This allows us to offer you a risk / reward model.

Core System Migration

We provide corebanking migrations from and towards most known products such as Avaloq, Finnova, Finstar, TCS Bancs, Apsys, Olympic, etc.

Your Data Need

Data is omnipresent. We complete your data using our enrichment, cleansing and matching technologies. Our expertise turns your bits and bytes into real assets.

Challenge us

Name your business need, we will guide you from your idea until production. Starting with the determination of your requirements up to the commissioning.

Our Expertise

IT & Automation 76%

Data Services 87%

Data Science 85%

Consulting 95%

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More added value through data protection: Your chance to modernize.

The new data protection law requires adjustments - no question. But it also offers opportunities!

Is your company fit for DPA? Find out at DPA-Help.CH. 

The Data Protection Act (DPA) is more than just a regulation. It is a catalyst for change and innovation in your company. At suiXseven GmbH, we see the DPA as an opportunity to optimize your data processes, modernize IT systems and create a future-oriented data culture. Our expertise enables us to analyze the status quo of your data strategy and work with you to identify potential for improvement. In doing so, we rely on efficient, innovative technologies and a data-centric approach.

Our goal is to help you get more value from your data while not only meeting, but exceeding regulatory requirements. Together, let's take advantage of the opportunities presented by the DPA to future-proof your business and make it competitive. Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation to learn how a proactive DPA strategy can benefit you.

Synergis Consulting AG
and suiXseven GmbH

Synergis Consulting AG, based in Baden, and suiXseven GmbH, based in Buchrain, have been appearing together since January 1, 2023.

Same values, common ideas

Both of our consulting firms have a clear vision of how we can best serve our clients in the future through the use of AI and Datascience.

Years of successful cooperation

The cooperation between the partners of our two companies goes back more than a decade. A success story that gains even more momentum through this merger.

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We are looking forward towards your next success story. Contact us is if you are ready for it!

suiXseven GmbH, Laubacherweg 10, 6033 Buchrain